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Time Well Spent

I’m a new fan of the work of Time Well Spent. If you build apps designed to be sticky (i.e. to make people binge), may the tools that support conscious consumption (that people need now more than ever) find their … Continue reading

How to Email

“Brevity signals respect.” Continue reading

How Email Became The Most Reviled Communication Experience Ever

This is like everything I’ve ever thought or read on why email sucks, how we got here, and how we can approach it differently…all in one article.

Btw, if you ever write me about something important, and I don’t hit you back, don’t take it personal. Just call me! I’ll do the same. Continue reading

Looking Back, Around, & Forward

I’ve recently said farewell to O’Reilly Media. I don’t think I can sum up how I’m feeling, but my goodbye email to the company, repurposed below, comes close. Continue reading

Goodbye, Bank. Hello, Credit Union.

Back in September, 650,000 people did something smart with their money. The timing wasn’t right for me to join those who participated in Bank Transfer Day on November 5th, but I’ve finally begun. In fact, I’m almost done with my transition from being a customer of a corporate bank to being a member of a local credit union, namely Redwood Credit Union. Late is definitely better than never in this case. Below I reflect a little on why it took me so long and why I chose to do it now. Continue reading