How Email Became The Most Reviled Communication Experience Ever

This is like everything I’ve ever thought or read on why email sucks, how we got here, and how we can approach it differently…all in one article. It’s a great read by John Pavlus.

[Email Client Screenshots: via, via]

I’m grateful anytime I can use collaborative communication tools like Asana or Slack to get things done. As the article asserts, people in the workplace assign too many roles to email (project management, todo lists, calendars, file transfer, actual conversation). I like the Paul Ford quote: “If you tell me you hate email then you’re telling me you don’t have control over your own life.”

Our chemical addition, which is arguably even strong with Facebook, is explained too. They say it began with those damn Motorola Blackberry push notifications.

By the way, if you ever write me about something important, and I don’t hit you back, don’t take it personal. Just call me! I’ll do the same.