No more Electoral College ever again, OK?!

According to this NYTimes piece (The Battlegrounds Within Battlegrounds), one could view the future of world’s richest nation hinges upon actions of (and voting access for) residents of 20 of its counties. The US has 3,141 counties, and our fate … Continue reading

The Burning Man Multiverse

Somewhat conveniently, before we knew a pandemic would make this one of the hardest and weirdest years ever, the theme for Burning Man 2020 was already set: The Multiverse. Months after this theme was announced COVID-19 decimated the events industry. … Continue reading

Basecamp’s “Group Chat, Group Stress”

As most of us knowledge/digital (whatever we call ourselves) workers dive deeper into collaboration tools like Slack, there are pitfalls to avoid. The folks at Basecamp highlight them well in their doc Group Chat: The Best Way to Totally Stress … Continue reading

Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent

I’m a new fan of the work of Time Well Spent. If you build apps designed to be sticky (i.e. to make people binge), may the tools that support conscious consumption (that people need now more than ever) find their … Continue reading

How to Email

“Brevity signals respect.” Continue reading